Impressions of the SCHUNK Expert Days 2015


Dear Friends of the Expert Days,

The collaboration of human-machine is the top issue for industrial applications as well as in the service area. In automation of production processes and service tasks, the collaboration between human and robot plays an increasingly important role.

Developments in the production environment are determined by the support of robots in production areas. Robots are increasingly working hand in hand with the production staff. In the assistance and service area the amount of robots is vastly increasing.

Two important questions arise for entrepreneurs and executives:

  • How do we create acceptance for the robot as a new colleague among the employees?
  • In which way do we have to adapt and revise safety concepts?

There are numerous case studies and prototype applications, and funding projects importantly support the further development. Whether installing electrical assemblies without safety fence or mixing cocktails at a bar – still a good piece of development is necessary to provide the market with systems that are safe.

This is why we chose the motto "Human meets Robotics" for the 9th International Expert Days on Service Robotics 2016.

I am again looking forward to excellent speakers, visionary presentations, and remarkable examples.

Yours sincerely,

Henrik A. Schunk
Managing Partner