The world-wide leading symposium for applied  service robotics.

Henrik A. Schunk
Managing Partner

“My interest is in future because I am going to spend the rest of my life there.” Albert Einstein has hit the nail on the head, describing exactly what drives us with the Expert Days.

We have seen loads of fascinating examples of service robots in these five years of SCHUNK ExpertDays: Examples from outer space and under the sea, examples in industry, in public space or in your home. We have seen dust cart robots, vacuum cleaners, humanoids, personal-care- and EOD-robots.

“Service Robotics – Quo vadis“ was the motto of our anniversary event in 2012 and I do think that we were able to make the path a little clearer for service robots. Top speakers from all over the world gave there impression on service robots and the service robot market.

I would like to  say “thank you” to all of those who participated at the SCHUNK Expert Days in recent years – speakers, exhibitors,                                                                              journalists, and participants allowing us the celebrate the 5th event.

                                                          Faithfully yours
                                                          Henrik A. Schunk

                                                          PS: The 6th Expert Days are already on our agenda: February 27                                                                       to February 28, 2013.